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Wired City Reconnected Events

Wired City Reconnected prides itself in providing informative, friendly, relaxed environments where businesses explore mutual interests.

Before The Event

When a business registers, they are asked to complete a short business profile. This profile will include a short description of the business and information about possible collaborative needs. It allows businesses to promote themselves to fellow delegates in advance of the event. All the profiles are collated into a Delegates Profile List.

Businesses generally receive this list 3 days before the event. They are asked to identify those businesses they would benefit from meeting and wish to be introduced to. Similarly, information on businesses that may want to meet up with them is also gathered. This data is then used by the organisers to facilitate introductions. Businesses that complete this process usually have between 4 - 12 businesses to meet on the night.

Regular delegates are contacting the organisers with requests for skills or expertise which they currently require. This is sent out to people on our mailing list and delegate list. If a business feels they match these needs, we then facilitate an introduction at an event. This process is called Calls For Collaboration.

On The Night

On the night of the event, the organisers will then provide introductions based on the information provided by the delegates. As they have researched all the businesses attending beforehand, they are there to help break the ice. Businesses are encouraged to talk for about 10 minutes before the organisers will then move them onto their next introduction. Light buffet and bar is provided to encourage a relaxed and sociable environment.

Once businesses have experienced their local Wired City Event, they are then encouraged to attend events away from their locality. We aim to attract approximately 40% new delegates at each event.

Currently events are attracting over 50% of businesses from outside the local area. This ensures that businesses attending do not meet the same old faces from previous events.

Following The Event

In addition to providing introductions on the event, Wired City Reconnected is able to offer a post-event service. This service ensures networking continues:

  • Facilitating exchange of information between businesses that did not get the opportunity to meet at the event. This exchange of contact information is of course done with prior permission.
  • Encouraging delegates to register with LinkedIn and the Wired City Reconnected LinkedIn Group
  • Acting as a referral agency for any businesses that need urgent calls for collaboration between events

Other Activities

The Reconnection Newsletter is a regular mailing providing information on future events, Calls for Collaboration, public funding available to SMEs as well as News of Interest.

The Wired City Reconnected website and its associated LinkedIn group is a continuous source of information on other relevant events such as training, forums and conferences. It is also a good source of information on potential funding sources that may arise occasionally through public sector organisations such the NWDA and North West Vision and Media and others.

All the above activities are covered by your events registration fee. Wired City Reconnected does not charge for any other service. The organisers seek out public funding to cover the cost of the venue and refreshments.

To find out the current schedule of events, go to the Events page.